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Famed Woodhaven Artist Stephen Csoka; Pop’s Restaurant – Topics on Woodhaven Historians Tonight

April 15, 2016

Artist Stephen Csoka had a studio on 87th Street in Woodhaven where he lived from the early 1960s to the late 1980s. His artwork is in the permanent collection of over 34 museums both in the US and abroad, including the Brooklyn Museum, The Met, The Whitney, and the Library of Congress to name a few.

His son Frank (an artist and art professor) will be giving a presentation of his work – including a stunning painting of the original carousel in Forest Park after the fire – at the next meeting of the Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society, at 1 PM on Wednesday, April 27th at Emanuel United Church of Christ (at the corner of 91st Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard).  Attendance is free and refreshments will be served.

And Frank Csoka will be joining us tonight on The Woodhaven Historians – Woodhaven Then . . . And Now at 10 PM.

Click here tonight at 10 PM to listen to Frank talk about his father’s work, the move to Woodhaven, and more. 

Here’s a nice piece from a collection of his work called marital Milestones. Each year, Stephen Csoka would present his wife Margaret with a piece that reflected what was going on in their lives. This went on for decades and , in addition the rest of his work, presents an interesting glimpse into the life of this artist. Here’s one you’ll find interesting, from 1963 the year the Csoka’s moved from Brooklyn into Woodhaven. Their home on 87th Street in the background. It needed a lot of work, especially a lot of paint — and as you can tell, they had another grandchild on the way!


Also tonight, we’ll be talking about the latest news and developments with Pop’s – and the differences between Old and Historical. People sometimes conflate the two. And we’ll discuss the topic: just what is Historical in Woodhaven?  On top of that we’ll also talk about the latest news and upcoming events here in Woodhaven. If you want to call in and speak your mind, dial (646) 378-1612 during the live broadcast. Sorry – but we will not answer any private or blocked numbers.

Here are a few of Mr. Csoka’s paintings – we hope you will join us tonight (join us in the chat room if you listen live – click this link and scroll down – log in using your Facebook ID and talk to your fellow Woodhavennites during the show).




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