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Top 25 Woodhaven Stories of 2015

December 24, 2015


Join us on a special day and time for the Top 25 Stories in Woodhaven – 2015 Edition.

Click here at 8 PM – Wednesday December 30th to hear the broadcast LIVE as we look at 2015 and remember the stories that had residents of Woodhaven talking.  And if you’d like to call in to speak with the host, the number is (646) 378-1612.

You do not need to register or log in to listen to the show —

But if you’re listening LIVE, please consider logging in and joining us in the chat room! It’s fun talking live to other residents of Woodhaven (both current and former) — but you must be logged in if you want to chat. Click here to register for a free Blog TalkRadio account.  It’s free and takes only a few seconds. You can register using your email address or your Facebook or Twitter account. Once you register you can create a profile and start chatting away during the show!

Miss the LIVE broadcast? No worries, you can click here at any time later on to listen to the show.



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