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CM Ulrich, Assemblyman Miller & the 7 Memorials of Woodhaven LIVE Tonight at 10


Click here 10 PM Friday to listen LIVE – Join Us in the Chat Room!

We’re LIVE tonight at 10 PM – and in honor of Memorial Day, we’ll talk about the 7 Memorials of Woodhaven. Can you name them all? And we’ll have an interview with a very special guest to discuss a Woodhaven War Memorial that was lost for many years until it was brought back to life back in 2009.


Plus, we’ll be speaking with Councilman Eric Ulrich, Chair of the Committee on Veterans. You may have read recently that Eric is considering a run against Bill deBlasio for Mayor. We’ll find out more about that!

We’ll also discuss our presentation this past week at the Woodhaven Historical Society in which we revealed the interesting connection between World War 2, a Woodhaven resident and a notorious Hollywood film! And we’ll catch you up on the latest news in Woodhaven and check in with Assemblyman Mike Miller to find out what else is going on in our community — Tonight at 10 PM.


Click here 10 PM Friday to listen LIVE – Join Us in the Chat Room!


Famed Woodhaven Artist Stephen Csoka; Pop’s Restaurant – Topics on Woodhaven Historians Tonight

Artist Stephen Csoka had a studio on 87th Street in Woodhaven where he lived from the early 1960s to the late 1980s. His artwork is in the permanent collection of over 34 museums both in the US and abroad, including the Brooklyn Museum, The Met, The Whitney, and the Library of Congress to name a few.

His son Frank (an artist and art professor) will be giving a presentation of his work – including a stunning painting of the original carousel in Forest Park after the fire – at the next meeting of the Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society, at 1 PM on Wednesday, April 27th at Emanuel United Church of Christ (at the corner of 91st Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard).  Attendance is free and refreshments will be served.

And Frank Csoka will be joining us tonight on The Woodhaven Historians – Woodhaven Then . . . And Now at 10 PM.

Click here tonight at 10 PM to listen to Frank talk about his father’s work, the move to Woodhaven, and more. 

Here’s a nice piece from a collection of his work called marital Milestones. Each year, Stephen Csoka would present his wife Margaret with a piece that reflected what was going on in their lives. This went on for decades and , in addition the rest of his work, presents an interesting glimpse into the life of this artist. Here’s one you’ll find interesting, from 1963 the year the Csoka’s moved from Brooklyn into Woodhaven. Their home on 87th Street in the background. It needed a lot of work, especially a lot of paint — and as you can tell, they had another grandchild on the way!


Also tonight, we’ll be talking about the latest news and developments with Pop’s – and the differences between Old and Historical. People sometimes conflate the two. And we’ll discuss the topic: just what is Historical in Woodhaven?  On top of that we’ll also talk about the latest news and upcoming events here in Woodhaven. If you want to call in and speak your mind, dial (646) 378-1612 during the live broadcast. Sorry – but we will not answer any private or blocked numbers.

Here are a few of Mr. Csoka’s paintings – we hope you will join us tonight (join us in the chat room if you listen live – click this link and scroll down – log in using your Facebook ID and talk to your fellow Woodhavennites during the show).



Ninja Nish on Radio Free Woodhaven LIVE at 10 PM

Tonight at 10 PM, we will be joined by Nisha Ramroop Alonso a.k.a. Ninja Nish whose family is from Woodhaven. Nisha has been training for the Golden Gloves and will be stepping inside the ring for her very first fight soon as part of Gleason’s Give a Kid A Dream fundraiser.


Gleason’s provides at-risk kids a chance to turn their lives around and Nisha is literally fighting to raise money and awareness for this program.  Click here at 10 PM tonight to listen live and catch up on everything new and old in Woodhaven.


Queens Memories on Radio Free Woodhaven – LIVE Tonight at 10

The Queens Library has mobilized to collect as many Queens Memories as it can — photos, documents, spoken-word — and Woodhaven is happy to be taking part in the project! T0night, on Radio Free Woodhaven, we will speak live with Maggie Schreiner, an archivist with the Queens Library who is coming to Woodhaven to help gather these memories.

Click here tonight at 10 PM EST to Listen!

If you miss the live broadcast, click on the link any time later to listen on demand! The Queens Memory Project will be the guests at the Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society on Wednesday, February 24th at 1 PM at Emanuel United Church of Christ (91st Ave and Woodhaven Boulevard) to discuss this project. Anyone bringing photographs or other interesting material from Woodhaven’s past will be able to have it digitally scanned on to a flash drive – you will keep the original and the flash drive!

Note: The Queens Memory Project will also be scanning in pictures brought in by residents on Saturday, March 5th from 1 PM until 3 at Neir’s Tavern.




Radio Free Woodhaven – Your Queens Memories

Tonight at 10:00 PM on Radio Free Woodhaven — Woodhaven’s LIVE talk show — the Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society will be making a pretty big announcement. If you like seeing Woodhaven in pictures, this will certainly interest you.  And we’ll also be introducing the project known as The Queens Memory Project, “a collaboration of the Archives at Queens Library and Queens College Libraries’ Department of Special Collections and Archives.”

Click Here 10 PM Tonight to Learn More

The purpose is to collect and organize the photos, documents and memories of Queens neighborhoods. They reached out to the Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society to try and partner up to collect as much Woodhaven material as possible. They don’t all have to be old pictures – as long as it shows and represents life in our community – as long as it’s something you think people will be interested in seeing years from now – it fits the bill.


The Queens Memory project will be our guests on the line next week — and then they will be making 2 in-person appearances in Woodhaven:

  • Wednesday, February 24th – 1 PM to 3 PM – Emanuel United Church of Christ (91st Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard).
  • Saturday, March 5th – 12 Noon to 3 PM – Neir’s Tavern (87-48 78th St.)

At both of these events, if you bring in materials to be scanned — Pictures, Documents, etc. — the Queens Memory Project will scan them, give you back your originals, and give you the scans on a flash drive!



Dr. Paul Fish on Radio Free Woodhaven – Friday @ 10

Dr. Paul Fish, of the Animal Clinic of Woodhaven ( 7623 Jamaica Ave, Woodhaven, NY 11421) will be our guest this Friday Night at 10 PM.

Click here Friday at 10 PM to listen to the show LIVE. 

Dr Fish has been on Jamaica Avenue for over 30 years, keeping our pets healthy. And on the side, Dr. Fish has a very interesting hobby – he’s a board game developer. More precisely, he develops board games of a historical nature.

Dr. Fish has developed a new game, entitled “Black Eagles Over Belgium: Blucher vs. Napoleon, 1815” – described as “a hex-and-counter wargame covering the Belgium led battles taking place near Waterloo. The game includes three scenarios, the Battle of Ligny, the Battle of Wavre, and the Battle of Plancenoit. A combined campaign is also included with additional rules for movement between the maps.”


We’ll be talking to Dr. Fish about his long career as a vet on Jamaica Avenue here in Woodhaven – and about this very interesting hobby of creating historical board games.

Remember: Click  here Friday at 10 PM to listen to the show LIVE.  Or, if you miss the Live broadcast, you can always listen to it on delay by clicking on the same link.

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Top 25 Woodhaven Stories of 2015


Join us on a special day and time for the Top 25 Stories in Woodhaven – 2015 Edition.

Click here at 8 PM – Wednesday December 30th to hear the broadcast LIVE as we look at 2015 and remember the stories that had residents of Woodhaven talking.  And if you’d like to call in to speak with the host, the number is (646) 378-1612.

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