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Dr. Paul Fish on Radio Free Woodhaven – Friday @ 10

January 13, 2016

Dr. Paul Fish, of the Animal Clinic of Woodhaven ( 7623 Jamaica Ave, Woodhaven, NY 11421) will be our guest this Friday Night at 10 PM.

Click here Friday at 10 PM to listen to the show LIVE. 

Dr Fish has been on Jamaica Avenue for over 30 years, keeping our pets healthy. And on the side, Dr. Fish has a very interesting hobby – he’s a board game developer. More precisely, he develops board games of a historical nature.

Dr. Fish has developed a new game, entitled “Black Eagles Over Belgium: Blucher vs. Napoleon, 1815” – described as “a hex-and-counter wargame covering the Belgium led battles taking place near Waterloo. The game includes three scenarios, the Battle of Ligny, the Battle of Wavre, and the Battle of Plancenoit. A combined campaign is also included with additional rules for movement between the maps.”


We’ll be talking to Dr. Fish about his long career as a vet on Jamaica Avenue here in Woodhaven – and about this very interesting hobby of creating historical board games.

Remember: Click  here Friday at 10 PM to listen to the show LIVE.  Or, if you miss the Live broadcast, you can always listen to it on delay by clicking on the same link.

Bonus! If you listen LIVE, you can join us in the Chat Room – talk to your fellow Woodhaven residents during the show. You must be registered  with Blog Talk Radio to chat – registration is free and easy – click here to register so you can join the fun in the chat room!


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